When converting inches to cm maybe you would like to know what inches and cm is? Let´s start with inches.



An inch is an older unit of length and is used in a couple of systems of measurement, like imperial and United States customary systems. It has also been used in Europe in states like Sweden, Denmark and Germany.


It was probably initially defined as the distance from the first knuckle to the edge of a man’s thumb. In a couple of languages the word “inch” is similar or the same as for the word “thumb” like these.

  • Catalan: polzada =  inch, polze = thumb
  • French: pouce = inch/thumb
  • Italian: pollice = inch/thumb
  • Spanish: pulgada = inch, pulgar = thumb
  • Portuguese: polegada = inch, polegar = thumb
  • Swedish: tum = inch, tumme = thumb
  • Dutch: duim = inch/thumb
  • Czech: palec = inch/thumb
  • Slovak: palec = inch/thumb
  • Hungarian: hüvelyk = inch/thumb
  • Danish: tomme / tommer = inch/inches , tommel = thumb
  • Norwegian: tomme / tommer = inch/inches , tommel = thumb

So how do we define an inch? An inch is today defined as exactly 2.54cm. Here are some other definitions from the international inch to other units of length.

1 Inch


100 Points
1 Inch


1000 Thou / mil
36 inches


1 Yard
1 inch


2.54 Cm
1 inch


0.025 Meters
1 inch


1/12 Feet


Centimeters ( cm )

Centi is a prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of one hundredth so A centimeter or cm is 1/100 of a meter (0.01 meter).

So what is a meter? It is just like an inch a unit of length. It was originally defined to be one ten millionth ( 1 / 10 000 000 ) of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator through Paris. This should mean that the distance around the world if the earth was a perfect circle (hint: it´s not) would be 40 000 000 meters.

The meter is a part of the metric system also known as SI or the “International System of Units”. Just like with kilograms the French “Bureau international des poids et mesures (BIPM)” or the International Bureau of Weights and Measures handles the work and the prototype for the meter.


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